"Spread the word, not the virus."

"Considering how poorly
our attempt
to live
with the plague
is going for us
perhaps (perhaps)
we should redouble our efforts
to live
without the plague."
- twitter, @PlaguePoems, 2022 April 08
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This site was updated on
2022 November 12.

The USA CDC describes SARS-CoV-2 as a Biosafety Level 3 hazard. It should be evaluated seriously.

The important points to know about SARS-CoV-2, so we may overcome the mental blocks that prevent a rational response to this crisis:
(Note: The first 3 points below are discussed in more detail at this recent Science.org article.)

  1. infection is permanent
  2. infection causes widespread and persistent clotting
  3. infection causes immune system damage
  4. the virus is airborne and spreads as an aerosol
  5. initial infection may be asymptomatic

If you have Long Covid and your doctor is ignoring you, then please check with Survivor Corps for suggestions in seeking help. They also offer a Long Covid Handbook.

If you have Long Covid and want to help advance human understanding of this condition, then consider looking for opportunities with the Patient-Led Research Collaborative. You can also watch for clinical trials from the Long Covid Research Initiative.

If you have Long Covid and want objective tests to help measure and document your particular symptoms, there are some formal and informal resources that may help you learn the language as you navigate your health issues with your doctor.

PROTECTION: Survival depends on everyone masking. If you are SARS2-positive, then you need to protect people near you from your variant, and you need to protect yourself from other variants. Each reinfection may increase risk for bad outcomes. If only 1 of 2 people in the same space are masked, then the total mask efficacy is reduced (see Table 1) to less than 1/4 of its original value. Masking is important, including in schools.

Pick the best mask available to you. Official N95 masks are more effective than cloth masks. Everyone should upgrade to N95 (or FFP2 or KN95) from simple cloth masks as soon as they are able. During shortages, it's more important for medical staff to have this important resource. You can continue disinfecting surfaces, but masking is more important. You could also upgrade to the even more effective P100 (or FFP3) mask options, if supplies are available. Elastomeric masks provide the best seal against your face.

It's also vital that all indoor shared space be HEPA filtered to remove aerosols. In the future, desktop air curtains may be effective in preventing aerosol transmission for jobs requiring direct customer interaction. People can easily assemble a Corsi-Rosenthal box for use at home, school, or work. Ask your child's teacher if they would use one in the classroom, if you built and donated it.

Distance between people is important, because distance increases dilution of the virus concentration that you might be exposed to. An informal examination of school space per student shows an interesting correlation with absenteeism.

Avoid any level of exposure. If you are able, please continue to work/school from home, avoid errands, and avoid gatherings. Every small risk or mitigation adds up.

PROTECTION in USA healthcare settings: The CDC recommends that people wear the best mask available. They state (last verified 2022 September) you may bring your preferred mask, and healthcare facilities "should allow the use of a clean mask or respirator with higher level protection" than the one they provide to you. If told to switch to less protective equipment, you should show them this CDC guidance. If they are not convinced, you may ask to speak to their supervisor about the issue.

ACTIVISM: Long Covid survivors need their ACT UP movement, and they need it now. I hope that people will interrupt political speeches to shout these points, demand their local journalists investigate these topics, and go protest in front of government buildings with plague masks and posters that simplify these bullet points. We need an immediate and profound change of response globally from businesses, communities, and governments (except maybe China which seems to take it seriously).

Even ignoring official (undercounted) deaths due to COVID-19, the World Health Organization says excess deaths worldwide through 2021 December are at 14.91 million people. Clearly something is happening beyond the short window of time in which a death is counted as "COVID". The world must do SOMETHING differently to avert this continuing disaster.

INFORMATION: If you have stamina for reading long walls of information, I recommend "The risk of Long COVID explained", "Untreated", and "Persistent Viral Infections". Some people have compiled long lists of studies related to SARS-CoV-2 infection and its effects. If you're looking for something in particular, these resources are a good place to start: scientific publications on Long Covid / PASC, Research Aid Networks Long Covid Library, articles about reactivation - recurrent / viral persistence, a master thread of Twitter threads about damage to specific organs, an explanation of clotting from SARS-CoV-2, and a "Long-COVID Resource Guide".

This site information is provided by a concerned global citizen. When this site was created on 2022 May 07, SARS2 was not an official designation for disease. It is used here to amplify the voices of other people who distinguish the long-term consequences of infection with SARS-CoV-2 virus from the temporary condition known as COVID-19 that may develop upon initial infection.

SARS-CoV-2 under a microscope. 
(Used under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license. 
Originally from https://newsroom.ucla.edu/file?fid=5f1618f22cfac25cc6492741 .)

"It’s not vaccines instead of masks, it’s not vaccines instead of distancing, it’s not vaccines instead of ventilation or hand hygiene. Do it all. Do it consistently. Do it well."
Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director-General of the World Health Organization